re:publica 15 & GIG

GiG: Who was there? Around 30 hubs from Africa were present, including the large majority of the Afrilabs members. These hubs include around 40% co-working spaces, 40% hacker and maker spaces and 20% accelerators and incubators like CTIC Dakar. There was also participants from Indonesia, Colombia, Brazil, Singapore, Eastern and Western Europe and United States. […]

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Henri wants to help designers create ambient UIs for smart devices

Publicado originalmente em Atmel | Bits & Pieces:
This interactive gizmo is making it easier for designers to explore the ambient UIs of tomorrow’s gadgets.  Smart devices will undoubtedly continue to proliferate over the coming years. With billions of these connected gizmos expected to hit the market and ultimately make their way into our homes, this leaves one important question: How do you communicate…

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